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American Digest Media is a newsletter publishing firm reaching millions of readers every single day.
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The American Digest Media Network

American Digest is a magazine focusing on U.S. news and commentary.
Washington Digest is an objective, neutral publication providing unbiased news and alerts about U.S. politics.
Conservative Journal Review is a premium conservative news blog focusing on current events.
Conservative Institute is a conservative news and analysis platform from a conservative worldview.
Capitalism Institute champions practical state-based capitalism, valuing realism over radical ideologies.
Patriot Mom Digest is a source of information and inspiration for mothers who love their country.
Connell Media is a premium publisher for finance, writing, showcasing projects and team history.
Thin Line News highlights news related to first responders and their courageous actions.

About Us

American Digest Media is a project of Connell Media. The company was founded and entirely funded by Shaun Connell. We do not have any other outside investors or funding sources.

Shaun Connell is an independent conservative and is not a member of any party.

Every article we publish is reviewed by at least four people, including writers, editors, fact checkers, and copy editors.

Our political views are conservative, but not always populist. We often intentionally avoid certain topics that are popular on the right. Our founder, Shaun Connell, is an independent "never Trump" conservative. That said, we absolutely do NOT censor any conservative writers who wish to defend Trump. We believe in a free marketplace of ideas.

The idea of free speech and free press as a culture is often foreign to radicals on both political extremes in America, but is the fundamental principle of the American Digest Media project.
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